Friday, December 16, 2016

Week 10 EOC: Benefits vs Features

dark chocolate- very healthy
strawberry filling- organic
cookie- sweet

Week 9 EOC: Creative Content

For the creative content for my project I will be creating the packaging. It will be a white package. The name in French and a picture of strawberries in the corner. Also a chocolate like drizzle across the package.

implementation evaluation control

For my product I will follow through with everything I said I was going  to do. Make sure everyone is satisfied and I enjoy what I am doing. New goals will be set ever so often to make sure I am on track. I will stay loyal to my brand. Increasing quality can also result in increased brand loyalty, greater ability to raise prices, or new opportunities for market segmentation(MTKG178). When my product is in stores I hope customers stay true to my brand. I hope my old customers bring in new ones and the allow me to grow as a brand and help me make my product better. I want to be on a good level with my clients where they are comfortable with giving feedback. the quality they expect and that are sold at prices they are willing to pay(MKTG7).


Our chocolate aims at middle class and up. The bar will start off at a price of $10.00 and slowly go depending on how desired the bar is. Product/service differentiation competitive advantage the provision of something that is unique and valuable to buyers beyond simply offering a lower price than that of the competition(MKTG24). The price for this healthy and sweet bar is quite affordable for an everyday person on the go. Knowing that this will be a desired product the highest the bar will go for is going to be $15.00 to still be in that affordable price range. 
Lower-income consumers are price sensitive, but they will pay for products if they deliver a benefit that is worth the money(MTKG7)


Place, or distribution, strategies are concerned with making products available when and where customers want them(MKTG28). For our distribution we will start off selling from our Instagram page. From there we will get a lot of customers who want this bar then start selling in local stores. There are going to be times we are going to sell out and then customers are just going to have to wait until we make more and send a another big shipment out.The best marketing tactic is to protect existing market share by reinvesting earnings in product improvement, better distribution, more promotion, and production efficiency. Management must capture new users as they enter the market(MKTG18)


 Promotion is the means by which organizations communicate with present and prospective customers about the merits and characteristics of their organization and products(MKTG12). Social Media is going to play a huge role in this bars life. We are going to use the internet outlet to promote the bar. Instagram is the way we are going to do so our promoting.
By doing so we hope to bring in everyone who is willing to bring in positivity and help make change to purchase a bar and donate to the charity. The Internet and the widespread use of social media have accelerated the shift in power from manufacturers and retailers to consumers and business users.(MKTG6)

Friday, November 18, 2016


An average is simply a midpoint in some set of characteristics. Because most potential customers are not “average,” they are not likely to be attracted to an average product marketed to the average customer(MKTG11). Our product is special is many different aspects. For starters it is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate holds a lot of nutrients, powerful source of antioxidants, improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, raises HDL and protects LDL against oxidation, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease, protects your skin from the sun, and will improve you brain function. The strawberry filling is organic so it will help improve your eyes, immune system, helps prevent arthritis and gout, helps prevent cancer, and helps brain functions. The layer of cookie gives you an extra boost of sweet. The cookie gives off fibers and gives off rich proteins. market orientation a philosophy that assumes that a sale does not depend on an aggressive sales force but rather on a customer's decision to purchase a product(MTKG5)